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Sell Your Junk Cars For Cash Today People!

Yes! You can! Make a huge profit while opening up some space for a newer, better form of transportation. Selling your car can be completed in as little as one hour or less. That's right, just one hour and you got the cash in hand.

Things to remember when selling a junk or used car to an automotive recycling facility: You need to have proof of ownership. You need proof of identification. Your vehicle must be complete with the engine, transmission, tires and wheels for the full price. Update 6/29 - We now charge to pickup junk cars withoutan engine and transmission.

Get into the business of selling vehicles with your new #1 Scrap Car Buyers @ Sell My Junk Car For Cash. We buy your unwanted automobiles and pay top cash on the spot. You can call right now at 888-230-2903 for more complete and helpful information on selling your automobile. Get money for your used vehicle today by calling our main office and asking one of the representatives for a free cash quote.

We buy any type of motor vehicle. Does your vehicle have engine damage? This is common problem with most older vehicles that we acquire. Don't worry, you will still get crazy cash for junk cars with bad engines. We will explain more on our About Selling Cars page.

Location, location, location. (East Orlando Office)

We are setting up new car buying and selling locations near, around and between Orlando, FL. That way, we can reach you quickly for immediate removal in Orlando and cash for cars in Florida. Our HQ is near Titusville.

Our process is the same whether you sell us one car or hundreds of cars. We must abide by the laws and regulations set by the state of Florida auto buying guidelines. More information will be supplied on our Junk Car Service Page. We buy junk vehicles Orlando and have established a strong relationship with our great clients in Central Florida.

My old car is missing some parts..

Buy some good used parts here at ABC AUTO SALVAGE

That is OK. However, we need to know what has been removed from your junk vehicle to make sure you get the most accurate price. Our quality drivers are trained to inspect all major components of the vehicle before purchasing it. Since we give the most money for junk cars, we need to be sure that we are getting what we paid for.

1-888-230-2903 is the number to call to trade a car for cash even with no title, no tires or keys! We buy junk cars everyday and night 7 days a week.

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