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How to sell your junk car for cash Orlando

First, assess the damage to your automobile. Many of our clients are looking to sell their junk car with a blown head gasket. This type of damage is extremely common.

When the engine overheats the pressure builds to extreme levels and the first component to give out is going to be the head gasket. If you have major cooling and/or radiator problems, the worst can happen. Your engine heads blow a hole right through the engine, oil sprays everywhere and everyone within a mile radius can see the smoke signals your vehicle is emitting.

After figuring out what the problem is, check with local repair shops to see how much it will cost for parts and labor. I will be honest with you. It is exceptionally inefficient to repair an older junk car. Most repair jobs will likely be anywhere from $500 to $5000 depending on the type of damage.

Once you have this information, go ahead and call us (888-230-2903) with the numbers and we can offer you a free, no obligation cash quote for your junk, disabled or old vehicle.

We pay cash for junk cars in and around your city.

Since we are open every day and open late, you are free to sell your junk car any day of the week and even after work.

Once you have all of the necessary information, selling your car is the easy part. Keep in mind we are buying your cars to recycle them and crush the auto bodies for scrap. Many clients are unaware of this and are looking for used car prices such as the Kelly Blue Book pricing guides. This is fine when you are selling to a private entity, however, when you are selling a junk car to a salvage yard, you will need to come down to the scrap values of certain vehicles.

888-230-2903 can bring you the answers you seek to sell your car

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