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Our junk car removal services Orlando

Get familiar with our scrap auto removal services. Find your vehicle title, you may need it to sell your car for cash. Selling a car without a title is possible, but certain accommodations will need to be met before going this route.

How to sell my car with NO TITLE!

We contain the capability to legally buy junk cars without a title. Buying or selling scrap cars this way takes just a few more steps and verification procedures. All we need is the VIN #, which can be found on the vehicle, insurance and registration.

Call us at 888-230-2903 with your newly discovered VIN and we will check with the Florida DMV while you wait, it only takes a minute. Remember that many numbers and letters sound alike. Try to say N as in November or V as in Victor so we don't have to go back and forth repeating the VIN numerous times, which is frustrating on both ends.

You will need a valid ID or driver's license

Some clients are uneasy about providing their license to the driver, that's fine, but we simply cannot purchase your car if you decide not to comply with the state of Florida's junk and salvage vehicle purchasing laws. We are required to submit a copy of the vehicle owner's or seller's ID with every vehicle bought by our company. SORRY, No Exceptions.

888-230-2903 is the answer to getting the most cash for cars Orlando

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